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The Colorado Genealogist

The quarterly publication of CGS

The Colorado Genealogical Society publishes a quarterly journal for our members as a benefit of membership. The mission of The Colorado Genealogist is to serve both present and future genealogists who live or research in Colorado and those who have Colorado families by publishing material of lasting value:

We aim to achieve our mission is an attractive and scholarly format, worthy of the Colorado Genealogical Society, and of the progressive genealogical community in Colorado.

All issues of The Colorado Genealogist are now digitized. They are currently in preparation for publishing on DVD. Contact the editor for further information.

Subscribers have seen, or will see, all of the following in the latest edition of The Colorado Genealogist:

The Colorado Genealogist

May 2015 - Volume 76, Number 2

Table of Contents

President's Letter - Sandy Ronayne 26
Editor's Note - Nancy Ratay 27
In Memoriam 28
Bible Records in the DPL Manuscript Collection - Carolyn Thomson and Karin Conway 30
New York Civil War Veterans Who Were Members of the
GAR, Dept of Colorado and Wyoming– David C. Bailey
Records of Interments, Burial Records, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado - Karen Overholt 42
Pioneer Obituary Index - Pat Allen 45
Officers and Directors 47
Membership Form 48

Subject Index to The Colorado Genealogist

We are happy to provide the subject index for the first 75 volumes of The Colorado Genealogist, compiled by editor, Nancy Ratay. The time period of the original publications of these volumes was 1939-2013. This index expands on the 1982 print index, compiled by Kay Merrill, which covered only the first 42 volumes (through 1981). This index is provided in Adobe Reader (pdf) file format.

Subject Index, Volumes 1-75 (years 1939-2014)

Surname Indexes to Volumes 1-74 of The Colorado Genealogist

The The Colorado Genealogist surname indexing project is now complete for volumes 1 through 74, covering years 1939 through 2013! The indexes are available in a searchable pdf (Adobe Reader) format. The originals of volumes 1-20 and 21-40 were published in book format which have been scanned with OCR (optical character reader) technology and proofread for errors. Please be sure to read the hints on searching the pdfs which appear on the second page of the documents.

If you should find a name in which you are interested, please contact the editor for information on how to obtain the article in which the name appears.

Combined Surname Index, Volumes 1-20 (years 1939-1959)
Surname Index, Volumes 21-40 (years 1960-1979)
Surname Index, Volumes 41-50 (years 1980-1989)
Surname Index, Volumes 51-60 (years 1990-1999)
Surname Index, Volumes 61-75 (years 2000-2014)

Manuscript Submission Addresses:

By email: See our Contact Us page for Editor Nancy Ratay.

By postal mail to:

Editor, The Colorado Genealogist
Colorado Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 9218
Denver, CO 80209-0218

Submission Guide for The Colorado Genealogist

Members and friends of the Colorado Genealogical Society are encouraged to submit materials for publication in the Society’s quarterly journal, The Colorado Genealogist. This guide is provided to help you in selecting and preparing material for submission.

Subjects: Material should be on a topic of interest to the genealogical community in Colorado and to other genealogists interested in Colorado sources. Subjects might include:

All material should be fully documented when making statements about genealogical and historical fact, in accordance with accepted standards of source documentation. Documentation should be contained in the text of the material or in the form of endnotes. See Chicago Manual of Style or Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian for information on content and format of citations.

Editorial Process: All material submitted will be carefully considered for publication. Should the material be determined to be outside the boundaries imposed by our mission, notice will be sent to the contributor. This may include suggestions from the editor for other periodicals that may wish to publish the material, and or suggestions for revisions that would enhance the usefulness of the material to our readers.

All material undergoes a regular editing process by the staff to ensure it is in conformance with the established style guidelines for the quarterly. Any editorial changes will be submitted to the author for approval. Neither this society nor the editorial staff is responsible for errors of fact, or for opinions expressed or implied by the contributors to this publication. However, errors will be corrected as space permits.

Copyrights: All material published in The Colorado Genealogist is copyrighted by the Society. Authors retain their personal copyright, but give CGS exclusive publication rights for one year.

Manuscripts: Article manuscripts may be submitted on a CD-ROM or through the email address posted in the most recent copy of the quarterly. Make sure CD-ROMs are formatted dual platform. Check with the editor before sending alternative media or formats.

Format Guidelines:

Advertisements: Advertisements for goods and services of interest to genealogy hobbyists and professionals are encouraged. Send electronic file, or laser-quality copy. Send payment of applicable rates to Advertisement Manager. Advertisers paying for multiple insertions of full and half page ads will receive one complimentary copy of the Quarterly. Successive insertions and single insert ads will be sent to the advertiser as a proof copy of the cover and the ad page.

Advertising Rates
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Full Page

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Publication Schedule: Four numbers per yearly volume are published each year, dated February, May, August and November. Copy is due by the 1st of the month prior to the publication date.