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Meeting Locally, Researching Globally

Scheduled Classes

Beginning Genealogy Classes

Beginners' classes are held most months on the second Saturday from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm. Classes are held in the Gates Conference Room on the 5th Floor of the Denver Public Library. Advance registration and reservations are not required. The classes are free and open to the public. Most classes are presented by Lou-Jean Rehn.

No classes are held in July and August when we take a summer break.

Pick the date you can attend. This is a one-time basic course for the beginner, repeated each month. Attendees will be introduced to thinking genealogically through the exploration of the following:

Attendees should dress comfortably. Consider bringing a seat cushion, bottled water, and a sack lunch (there will be a 30 minute lunch break).

Monthly Special Interest Classes

Special Interest classes, held from 10:00 am - 12:00 or 1:00 pm (depending on the topic and the presenter) on the third Saturday of the month (except June, July, August, and December), focus on research skills and methodology necessary for a successful family history project. Special Interest classes meet in the Gates Conference Room on the 5th Floor of the Denver Public Library. All classes are free and open to the public. No pre-registration is required unless noted (not common).

18 October 2014

Doing A Census Trace: The Backbone of Your Research

Instructor: Lou-Jean Rehn

Join Lou-Jean Rehn as she shows us how to make sense out of the census. She will share some information about the why and how of the Federal Census. Learn about the hidden clues in the census records. Together the class will get hands on experience using the census by tracing a family from 1940 through several generations back to 1820. We will learn to figure out those tick marks on the early census.

15 November 2014

DNA, John's Library Card to the Past

Instructor: John Simmons

17 January 2015

Military Records

Instructor: Sandy Ronayne

21 February 2015


Instructor: Beth Benko

March 2015

No Special Interest Class –
CGS/CIG Seminar with Cyndi Ingles!

18 April 2015

Public Land States

Instructor: Bobbi King

16 May 2015

To Be Announced


WriteNOW! Writing Group

Writing Your Family History: Taking the First Step

SUNDAY afternoon from 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Gates Room, 5th Level, Downtown Denver Public Library
Facilitator: Carol Darrow

WriteNOW! Meetings 2014-2015

14 Sept 2014: Discuss finished projects of class members. Set personal goals. Discuss different types of genealogy writing. Assignment for October: Write a one-page narrative of one ancestor.
19 Oct 2014: Share one-page narratives. Assignment for November: Write about a family story that you have proved or disproved.
9 Nov 2014: Share family stories. Assignment for December: Do a piece of writing you could use as a gift.
14 Dec 2014: Share your holiday stories. Assignment: Create an outline for your project.
11 Jan 2015: Discuss document preparation and formatting. Share project outlines. Assignment: Start work on your project.
8 Feb 2015: Share your project work. Discuss publishing options including Assignment: Continue work on your project.
8 Mar 2015: Discuss editing and how it can shape your work. Practice editing
12 Apr 2015: Share your project progress, do revisions, discuss other aspects of project. Assignment: Complete your project.
17 May 2015: Present your project to the group.